System Overview

Goal: the ability to consistently produce a high-quality, helpful blog post in about 1 hour


  • Idea system
  • Editorial calendar
  • Post templates
  • Editorial tools
  • Publishing checklist


  1. Consult editorial calendar, pull outline for scheduled post (5 minutes)
  2. Using a template, write draft from the outline (30 minutes)
  3. Edit the draft using an appropriate tool (10 minutes)
  4. Select images or other assets (if needed) (5 minutes)
  5. Format, polish, and publish (10 minutes)

Supporting tasks:

  • Ongoing: collect ideas from high-quality inputs
  • Weekly: develop selected ideas into outlines
  • Weekly: schedule outlined ideas to editorial calendar
  • Monthly: revisit completed posts for follow-up ideas
  • Monthly: clean out the system

System Checklist

Your checklist:

Your links:

Download this checklist as PDF