I believe in the power of prolific, joyful work.
The more work you do, the less important every individual piece of work becomes. This creative prolificacy gives you loads of freedom and increases your capacity for joy in the work you do.
Being prolific takes the pressure off. Being prolific allows you to take risks, see opportunities, establish and own your value, and grow creatively. This site is all about helping you reach prolific and joyful creativity in the work you love.

Becoming prolific in your work has significant benefits:
  • you can develop a quiet confidence that you will continue to do your work, whatever it is. You will start things and finish them. You can develop trust in yourself.
  • you can learn to value your work and time appropriately, allowing yourself to give out of generosity rather than desperation.
  • you can understand and clarify what you want to offer (and quit offering things that you don’t really want to offer).
  • you can understand and clarify what you want to receive (and quit accepting obligations, rates, and exchanges that don’t work for you).
  • you can take more risks, knowing that you produce enough to easily afford mistakes, risks, and mess-ups. That’s good, because mistakes, risks, and mess-ups are part of creative work.
  • you can become more creative, depending on your systems and processes rather than using your mind to make the same decisions over and over.

Being prolific does not mean working nonstop, reacting, being anxious or pushing yourself until you burn out. You can work prolifically without working incessantly. You can be efficient rather than frenzied. It takes deliberate and thoughtful decisions, smart systems, good resources, and mastery of the right tools. With those things in place, you can make conscious choices about the work you love and want to do, and then you can do it. Lots of it.

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